Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Searching an artist + Wants

So, long ago I had comissioned fanart, along with a Waruvial/Krookodile fleece plushie but forgot who it was from x.x;

Second: Venusaur!! If anyone has a FCS figure or the tomy battle pose, I,d love to see them join my Charizard and Blastoise duos :3

Again, looking for movie promo leaflets/miniposters preferably with their japanese art. Won't say no to US though~

And now, the usual TCG wants, now with added images~
English or japanese are fine, even willing to accept anything else at this time too.
Oh, before I forget again: shipping will be to Canada D:

Strikes are found cards!

Neo Destiny: Dark Scizor
Skyridge: charizard, noctowl, heracross
Aquapolis: tentacruel, miltank, rapidash
EX emerald: Electrode, feebas(50)
EX Dragon: magikarp, Graveler (30),  horsea (33) Grovyle
Ex Crystal Guardians: Charizard
EX Deoxys: Silcoon, shiftry
Delta Species:   Dragonair (42)
EX Team Rocket Returns: Dark Dragonite
EX Holon Phantoms: Camerupt, regirock, registeelDeoxys (5) 
Legend Maker: Mew
Great Encounters: Primeape
Legends Awakened: Dragonite, Kyogre, Azelf lvX, Mesprit lvX 
Supreme Victors: Garchomp
HG SS or Call of Legends: Clefable
11th movie comemoration set: Shaymin
Nintendo Promo: Kyogre ex

Thank you all <3
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