Brolie (berugii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Meetup time!

Guess what? Tomorrow is Thursday, and

comes afterwaaaards! I asked for some input last week and based on that here are some details if you wanna come hang out with other pokemon collectors~

What: Megaconvention Orlando Meetup
Where: Orange County Convention Center Hall D
Where to meet: In the hall lobby, in front of the main entrance to the dealers' room.
When: Saturday, March 26, at 3:00PM. Stay as long as you'd like!

If the time is inconvenient for you or you'd prefer a different location (or if I was dumb and missed a crucial bit of information), speak now or forever hold your peace!

I will be dressed as this guy that day. Look for the gal with the oil lamp and a munna in her purse :D If there's something we can recognize you by, feel free to say so in a comment (the venue can get crowded so any little thing helps XD ). Hope to see you guys there~

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