mrmandudeperson (mrmandudeperson) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My first Ash Hat! + Some wants

  Hey guys! I finnaly got that Ash hat that iv'e been wanting! I got it off of eBay from some seller whos name i forgot. I'd like to thanks faderkid for offering his, and someone else who gave the link to this,(Please coment if this is you!). And finnaly...DUN DUN DUNNNN!:

  (Sorry for the bad lighting)
  Yep! Its real! It fits perfectly too.

  Ok, now on to the wants. My freind brought one of these to school and i would of never even would of laid my eye on it if i had't seen one in real life.
Does't Kyoger look so awesome here? Anyways, im wondering if anyone would offer up one of these babys.
                                                                                       Thanks for listening guys!

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