SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote in pkmncollectors,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Epic multi-post

I have a lot of ground to cover today!

First, an awesome addition to my collection.

This is what I bought with Hard Rock's donation discount. :D Been wanting it for a while. (It's the oversized Serperior pokedoll if you don't know) It's also sitting on my minky supply. The fun thing about this picture is that's only about HALF of my minky! :D There's another box nearly that big elsewhere.

Second, a link to my sales page, where there are a few items of interest.

Third, the promised additional pokemon Loonakit custom slot is up for auction! (I'm sure some of you will be happy to see that!)

Fourth, last but definitely not least, three customs I finished in the last little while.

Articuno Loonakit:

12" Drifblim:

EPIC Ninetales!:

Also, just as a little post-script, I thought I'd mention that a pokemon plush maker community was started recently, and I'd love to see it be more active. It's over at And maybe it would help some with the people who don't like customs posts cluttering up the community? Anyhow, I don't run it, but I thought I'd share.

Tags: articuno, custom, drifblim, ninetales, sales, serperior
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