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I can has an update?! - wants - want this?

When was the last time I did an update? O_O
... Yeah, that was a long time ago.
Well, here's one now!!

I just recently got this amazing shelf for Black&White from the GameStop I work at. Mind you, this thing was a pain to build, but I thanked my boss for his efforts and carried it out of the store and took it home. XD It makes for a pretty sweet display for -some- of my plush.
Wanna see? I'm sure you do!
(dotted line below)

Here's the hawt-as-fire shelf. ;3

As we work our way down, we start with the well-known DX Pikachu Poke Doll. 8D Beside that, my most recent get, the DSi(XL)/3DS charging station Pikachu, EXTREME!! I got this today, actually, as an 'anniversary' gift from my husband. March 23rd marks our 4 year anniversary since we started 'dating' in high school. XP I've got more pictures of this XBOXHUGE Pika charger further down. Oh, my sleepy Pikas say hi. X3

ZZZzzzzz = Hiiii X3!! Wanted: Onemuri/Sleepy Pikachu Merch!! ALSO! Are there any Onemuri Pikachu shirts for sale anywhere? I've been wanting one pretty badly! They come in kid sizes, so a L or XL is what I'm searching for as I want to wear it. @_@

Quick peak at the other plushy in the shelf. : > Poke Dolls (replicas?) - European, Scandinavian, and Japanese. Lol. Wait, who's peaking in on the next shelf down?

Oh, these guys. :D My only B&W plush. Emonga was given to me for Christmas from my co-worker and Miju was obtained during the Mall Tour in Georgia. :) Good times. I'm hoping to get more merch of Emonga soon!! Seeing the 1:1 plush is so antagonizing!! ;o; While on subject what other merch of Emonga exists?

My still-growing Plusle/Minun collection!! As you can see, I finally got my Yawarakai Plusle to match Minun! ^.^ It's so nice to get a -matching pair-. Still missing the fuzzy recall plush for Minun as well as the random Banpresto matches for Plusle. And has anyone seen the clear Minun kid anywhere? I have Plusle and since I've had it, not seen a Minun anywhere!

Misc Pika figures... kinda bad picture. @_@ I have bad lighting in my house so I gotta use my flash a lot. Bleh. Miju stylus and starters charm courtesy of B&W Mall Tour. SlowPokeTail from the gift bag I got from first_mate_kate at the tour. Pika expressions straps. Kurousa, Shirousa, Sailor Moon, Vivi, Gundam, InuYasha, etc... XDD Oh, oh, the sleepy Pikachu custom from jirachi_chan6!! Closer look? Of course!!

PRECIOUS!!! O______O!!!
Oh, right, XBOXHUGE Pika!! Right this way!

MARVEL AT THE HUGE-CHU-CHARGING-STATION!! Kid for size reference. O.o"

Buttsssssssss X3

Da side~ I'm in love with this!! I can't wait to use it when I get the 3DS. *____*

This concludes my collection update. Not in-depth or anything... sorry, but I hope it was at least entertaining... in some way...

Couple things I'd like to leave you all with.
First, this:

I'm considering selling or trading my jumbo Toy Factory Shinx. Any interest? Just gauging interest for now... maybe sell or trade in the near future? Also note that I am the owner of two ferrets! There's some ferret hairs that I detected, but can be lint-rolled away.

And lastly...
While I was at the Mall Tour, I picked up a black Pikachu shirt in the L youth size. I wasn't aware an XL size existed. The Pikachu shirt is a little more snug than I'd hope it to be, and was wondering if anyone out there is interested in it? I'm really, really wanting to trade for the same shirt in the XL size or perhaps another Pokemon/Pikachu shirt? I may even sell it off and try to buy one later... What should I do? @_@

Thanks muchly everyone!! Hope this post wasn't TOO boring!!

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