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Attention G'boro peeps and cell peeps

Who bought cells from me on com? I know Catbrooks did and...other girl. I completely forget because I did not write your name down :C my mistake! Anyways, your plush are both done: http://lonepichu.deviantart.com/art/Reuniclus-times-two-202098150
I'd PM you two, but I can't remember the other person's name. Just send me your addresses, kay? :)

Also, I'm now down to 8 plushies owed! This is down from 38 last year. I took on more than I could chew >.>;; I've been trying to do these guys in order, for the most part. I'm currently working on Vulpix, Beldum, and Reshiram. Then I move to Arcanine, Joltik/darkangellillith, and Dragonite. Then I will finish the few orders I have. My free time has been zilch this semester, so I haven't been able to work like I used to and churn out a plush a week/2 weeks. Mostly my fiction writing and financial management classes, plus a huge car drama that cost me my entire savings ><; but things are slowly SLOWLY getting back to normal and my time is back on track and I've been managing to finish plush once more! Yay?

If you do need to contact me in regards to your commission, please email me at lonewanderer2989@yahoo.com because LJ messages/comments seem to be on the fritz for everyone.

I have my entire collection (Togekiss) photoed. I am, however, missing this little guy
I need one. If anyone can sell me one or direct me to one (I don't have a deputy service, so no Y!J) I'd be ETERNALLY grateful. It is the only Togekiss thing I need aside from a pan or two and the ever coveted DP3 retsuden stamp.


Pokemon Center 2011 Tepig Pokabu Evolution Mystery Scratch Off Sticker Sheet

These stickers. They're for sale on BrianJapan. I only want Larvesta/Volcarona, so I'd be willing to split them (they'd be cut apart) if others are game. The sets would be evol lines, so Tepig, Litwick, Pansear, and Darumakka. If each set is claimed, they will only be 4.00 per person which includes shipping to me AND shipping to you (and fees). Ayup, that cheap :) just lemme know!



Greensboro meet-up details!
I would've gotten these out sooner, but I got severely dehydrated and have been sick.

When: March 26th at 1:00 PM (this Saturday)
Where: Four Seasons mall, 1st floor, meeting by those step thingies by the fountains
Who: you guys, just lemme know who all is going plz!
Bring: a pokemon plush/fig/etc and your DS and the gift of poke-gab!

If this is a success, I'll try to make more. Even like a joint thing with SC and NC at Carowinds :)
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