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Plush Group Auction Ahoy - Second Payment Due

To all those who took part in this GA, Noppin has the package all ready to ship out so its time for the second payment!
Things are moving pretty fast actually! For EMS, it is $36.78 to me so per person, that's $4.09. I have already paid this so it should be shipped out tomorrow but that doesn't mean you should delay sending your second payment.

The spreadsheet with the total including fees is here
Also, add your location. This way, I'll have your third and final total ready when I recieve the package.
(Just to clarify, I am a UKer so if you're outside UK, send the non-UK payment)

Please send the payment to dreamingofhope(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm going back home on 2nd APril and, just to be on the safe side as EMS can take anywhere between a few days up to a week, its going to my home address. There is a chance it will arrive there a couple of days early.

If there are any more questions, feel free to ask here


I'm thinking of picking up some canvas plushies. I miss my two I used to have and they're quite small which might be easier to take with me when I leave. Does anyone have any for sale? I'm not too fussed on whether they have their hang tag or not.
I'd love an electric mouse but throw any at me :D The above pictures are just random cuties
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