Minnake (minnakek) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: TCG Playmat and some cards

I decided to try my luck here before rushing to buy from eBay. :3
I would be willing to buy one Pokémon card game playmat. I would prefer official one from Pokémon organized play, but as far as I know those mats are only available as tournament prizes and such? :o
On the first place I would like to get one of those that have black background and Pokéball picture in them (Great ball, Ultra ball, maybe others too?). But of course I'm open for other options, like some legendary Pokémons and such. :) Entei playmat from Unleashed set would be  awesome too!
About the prize I'm not sure, so tell me how much you would like to get if you are willing to sell one. Shipping would be to Finland!
I reserve the right not to buy, specially if I can get a playmat cheaper from somewhere else. :) Also picture of the mat you are selling would be nice too!

Picture of Ultra ball mat so you will see what I'm looking for without reading all the mumble! 8D

Mat found, thank you
ravestars85! :33

Also my non-primary deck is missing some cards:
Pokémon Collector
Smeargle UD or CL

1x Pachirisu CL
4x Pikachu Promo HGSS 03
Entei & Raikou Legend (not so high want but would be cool)

I would be ready to buy those cards, depending on the price. I'm also open for trades!
Tell me if you have something you are looking for so I can see if I have any. I'm sorry that I don't have an updated list of my card collections, but basically I have all kinds of cards from the newest sets. Not all primes and legends thought but aaanyway.
Those that don't have any specified number I'm willing to get multiples since they are useful in almost every decks. :)
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