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Help please? + Info on all GAs

Hello there! Help please? I am on the lookout for all different Charmander and Mantyke TCG cards that exist. I have found some Charmander ones on one site, but I wanted to ask you first, if you probably have any :)

Here are the current Charmander cards I have:

And this is the only one Mantyke I have and it's a holo one:

If you probably have some to share, or probably know some seller, please let me know! I would really appreciate it!! <3333

And last but not least! The GAs! I know that there are some people who have claimed items from more than one GA, so if you would like to combine shipping, or remind me that you claimed things from these, just let me know. I do have some people written down, but...just to be sure, I am sure that people would love to safe some money on one shipping than paying for two :)

So the first one. Even though not all have paid for the plush GA, I have sent the payment to the seller yesterday and he/she shipped it out today. So it should arrive probably next week! Look forward to your gets, I am so happy so many of them will get a nice and loving home! <3

Also, Captainangel's GA should arrive within the next one to two weeks:

Now to those bidding on this last GA, thank you very much! We sadly did not raise enough money for these, but I am awaiting a response from jeansama if it would be ok. So please be patient, I will keep you updated on that one!

Thank you for viewing! <3
Tags: cards, charmander, figures, group auction, kids, mantyke, plush

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