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Hey all, I'm here to be boring and remind you that I'll be ending my offers tonight! I have a rare pearly Absol tfg, a DX Pikachu pokedoll, a custom Breloom plush and a 1:1 Toy Factory Shinx! Along with a lot of Poke-roms/art cards that are at a buy it now price. C: Please come see, I really need to get me a new computer. XD

(Click on the Shroomish Totem Pole to be redirected to my offers page!)

And my_chapstick is running a Group Auction of eight lots I'm selling to help me save for a new computer! There is quite a bit of things still without bids and a whole lot of items still at their starting bid. Like a HGSS Jolteon charm, a Shinx Canvas plush, almost 20 pokedolls and more!!! This auction ends on March 25th! Any help would be appreciated. ;3;

(Click The Image Above to Go To Auction and See The Other Lots)

And to make this post less boring..........here's a sneak to something I've been working on for my next collection update.

More soon!~

Tags: collection, custom, group auction, sales, slakoth

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