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another GA!?

This is another GA! Madness you say? I say it's WONDERFUL!

check out this baby! there's lots of cute little goodies! so yeah check it out!!! :D

I will be claiming one of the Marill plush (if anyone knows what these are, please let me know as I am fairly certain they are not reversible like the rest of the plush) and the King Slime for $6+

my_chapstick will be claiming one of the reversible Elekids for $3+

I put red stars next to what we're claiming in the pictures just so it's clear :D

Pokemon plush and larger figures are starting at $3. Other figures will start at $1-2.

Non-pokemon items are not going to have threads made. I am not even sure what some of the items are. But if you want to bid on one, please make a thread for it and start the bid at $1

As for the quality of the figures, the very engrishy translation says the following:

Some have gone off the badge attached to the doll.

Are not tested.

There are products such as scratches and dirt.

Hand goods. The box has scratches and dirt.

So it's safe to assume they may have some marks or something. Just keep that in mind!

and for the basics

Basic Rules
* Bidding will end March 30, 10 AM UTC. Countdown here!
* Community rules apply of course! So no sniping!
* You are committed to your bid, so do not bid if you do not intend to pay!
* If you want to bid higher, please respond to the user ahead of you
* Minimum bid increments of $1 please
* There will be 3 payments as this is going to be from SMJ. The first will be for the item + fees. Then shipping from the warehouse to the shipper. The third payment will be to my_chapstick to ship the item from them to you.

I received sales permission in December/10

Any questions, let me have them~

Please don't bid until I got threads made!

We won! Thanks guys! :D I'll contact you all when I get the invoice!
Tags: blastoise, bulbasaur, charmander, chikorita, cleffa, cyndaquil, duskull, elekid, geodude, golem, grimer, group auction, kyogre, lapras, ledyba, marill, mewtwo, phanpy, pikachu, psyduck, sandslash, seel, snubbull, tauros, teddiursa, totodile, wigglytuff

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