gabtizzle (gabtizzle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

bad news...

to the participants of this GA

as most of you already know, i had a problem with a hacker in my paypal account so i was short on money for a few weeks. so few days ago i decided to go ahead and package everything for the GA so i can have it out by today...but

most of the history got deleted, at first i thought it was because of my account being temporarily closed, but now i find out that paypal deletes your history after a few months (i think) and now i can't send any of the packages out since i don't have anybody addresses

i know you guys are sick of my excuses but dang everything seems to be going against me lately.

anyway, i'll go ahead and PM everybody who was affected starting tomorrow, or if you want to be a real sweet heart! you can PM your address now to make job a bit easier. =D

you can tell if your affected if your name isn't crossed out but your shipping payment is here:

some slight good news though! i'm almost completely done with all the GA shipping! yay!
and this next trip will get me to the bottom of the list, but if you haven't paid yet then you better get those in if you want your stuff to be sent out on the 3th trip.

make sure to claim some freebies here: (go ahead and pick a few since some are claimed, if it's available you can have it)

again, sorry about this guys... i'm really thankful for the patience all of you have shown so far =]

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