mandysaurus_rex (mandysaurus_rex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Multi Post

Hello Community :3

How is everyone enjoying BW?
I have yet to play it. :<
only because though I'm trying to hold off till I'm on vacation.  I need something brand new and exciting to keep me entertained for 8-12 hours xD
I'm just having a hard time trying to figure out what pokemon to make a full team with. Decisions Decisions

I was looking to you for some help on a couple of things.
I was wondering first off, if any of you have heard of and used Hobby Search before?
Are they trustworthy, safe, legit?
And I was looking for confirmation from you on which style of shipping from japan would you suggest.

The EMS or SAL. Which would be better?
Cause I really want to go SAL cause it's cheaper, but is it ok/safe to go that route?

I have recently been figuring out what I am getting rid of my collections. I really really hate getting rid of my items, but I need to make room for other things and/or my actual team pokemon.
I swear it's the hardest thing ever.

So my question to you is
Do you think you ever could or will get rid of majority of your collection?
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