shiny_vulpix (shiny_vulpix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

auction reminder

Hey guys :D My Magikarp pokedoll auction will be ending in just a few hours, so get those bids in! You know you want him! I also have clipping figures available here and general sales fun stuff here. C:

I'm mainly curious about the Mightyena and Grovyle - can anyone ID them or guesstimate what they're worth? I can't tell if they have missing tails/leaves though, aww. The fun of mystery lots on eBay! XD I don't have these in hand yet but will be putting them up for sale once they arrive.

Same goes for these - aww poor broken Turtwig and Salamence D: I vaguely remember Nidoran being on the hard-to-find side, confirm/deny? I really love that Eevee XD He has the angriest face. Once again these will be up for sale if there's any interest C:
Tags: magikarp, mightyena, sales
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