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So first of all, I've been pretty much absent from the community for a few weeks now, because I was busily preparing for a convention that I help run. The convention was last weekend, so things are just now getting back to normal. If anybody has unfinished business with me (I think it was mostly people inquiring about commissions), send me a PM to let me know!

The big plus to running the convention was that I got some new kids!

The auctions are now over! Congratulations to the winners! =D That means everything in the picture now has an owner. =D

I'll be contacting the winners soon about their totals, and hopefully getting these guys in the mail within the next couple of days. Once again, thanks to everybody who participated, and sorry for all the craziness about the extension.

All kids will either be auctioned, or have a sale price. All of the auctions will end on Saturday, April 2nd at 10pm EST. Each auction will start at $2, except for four special kids:

Raikou, James, Vaporeon, and Nurse!Chansey all start at $5 each.

From right to left:

Nurse!Chansey: auction starts at $5
Scizor: $3
Growlithe: auction starts at $2
Arcanine: auction starts at $2
Charmander: auction starts at $2
Charizard: auction starts at $2
Vulpix: auction starts at $2
Ninetales: auction starts at $2
Dragonite: auction starts at $2
Raikou: auction starts at $5

James: auction starts at $5
Brendan/Ruby/Male Trainer TFG: $3
Tyranitar: $3
Clear Vaporeon: auction starts at $5
Articuno: auction starts at $2
Wartortle: $3
Blastoise: $3
Gastly: $3

Tags: arcanine, articuno, auction, blastoise, chansey, charizard, charmander, dragonite, gastly, growlithe, kids, ninetales, people, raikou, scizor, tyranitar, vaporeon, vulpix, wartortle
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