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notice and sales

First of all, the Pokemon Centers in Kanto Region have been shut down until April 1st, meaning my wait list for Victinis and TCG sleeves is going to wait a bit longer. I apologize for the wait. I will be posting your payments and photos next week if all goes well. Remember, no payments until I have these items in hand. Cross fingers!!

Now, custom plushies and Arceus tomy figures for sale!

all are mint in package! all of the types are included EXCEPT normal. 11$ each / 15$ shipped each! feel free to offer less on some of the not as popular fellows.

custom plushies from my personal collection are here. please give them nice homes with more space than mine ;_;

AMIGURUMI Luxray (25 CM not including tail): 35$
AMIGURUMI Raichu (pokedoll size!): 20$

Adorable snuggly fishies. Chinchou is Pokedoll size, and Lanturn is 22 CM long! Both are made of minky with some snuggly fleece. I am taking offers for them starting at 25$ each until sunday night at midnight, EST.

And the final finaly truely final Yutaka Yumi Luxray I will let go of. She is super adorable "Tomy Plush" style, with hand painted eyes and poseable tail. I am taking offers for her starting at 45$ also until sunday night at midnight, EST.

Thanks guys!
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