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Collection update with epic proportions and a want

Hello everyone, I've just been in lurk mode for the past buhmillion hours, and ever since February, I've been meaning to post a collection update. Been busy with classes and work, and other stuff as well, so here's the update!

Collection update at the manor and landfill!

and here's the collection update with imageheavyness!




Japanese plusle and Minun pokedolls, from a GA hosted by buttribbons  When I got them both, I smiled at their loved condition, it showed they had a lot of love in the past ^^ The Plusle is named Positive (male) and Minun is named Negative (female)


I dunno the name of the title... but after denkimouse  posted some of the comics from her book, it made me curious about the others so yep, got this book. I really like the comics, and also it has come in handy when my pokemon evolved in White, so I could see what is their best stat is.

Inside of book. The book is smaller then I imagined XD


I got another charmeleon applause in marigoldkisses sale, and she's a girl for my other charmeleon x3

Interesting tidbit I've noticed about the tush tags:

The tush tags are on different parts of the body =o One on the leg, and the other is on the tail!


Reshiram and Zekrom pokedolls from denkimouse 's Pokedoll run! The Zekrom's name is Zach!


This is Miss Bananas the Serperior... cause she looks like one to me XD She's from sakusha 's pokedoll run along with samurott.


This is Romeo the samurott... he's got a split personallity. Wanna see what I mean? :D


Romeo: Ah, this is my good side ;3

I'll let this one speak for itself XD


Been wanting to start off my side collection of Stunky for sometime, so here's a plush to start ^^


Mudkip bobblehead from mana_mihara I never knew they excisted!

and my first Kid from lovedbyahero  who for some reason knew I loved Turtwigs! PSYCHIC!


POKEDOLLZ! Butterfree from from lovedbyahero , Grimer was from ebay her name is Gretchen, Raikou was from a pokedoll-run hosted by kawaiikes , and Regigiblahblah was from blackjacksales cause the guy really kept evading me, when I wanted to get him! >o His name is Temple.

Drake is the Darkrai, My boyfriend got me Zorua for my birthday (<3), Lickylicky likes to lick everyone, and Cresselia her name is Serena-Grace, I don't recall the user who sold her on ebay, but I do remember that person posted here about the Manaphy pokedoll. SHE'S IN SAFE GOOD HANDS!

Well, Lickylicky loved to lick everyone xD Pichu and Rayquaza pokedolls... I love rayquaza's yellow bow i made him wear XD

Applause Geodude and Zubat from hebilea and Horsea from marigoldkisses  sales! I'm also a collector of these applause plushies, and I'm striving to collect one of each as a goal! It's gonna be hard, but I'm gonna try!

If you don't hear trubbish from me, you'll hear patrat/Watchog from me. IT'S THE KIDS!!!!!! <333333

Ga was hosted by korth and i love these tiny little guys to bits!!!!!


And what's a collection without a version update?



And here's my team:

Miju... she was a pain for soft resetting for a female, but she was worth it!


What would you expect from a Patrat/Watchog collector without one on the team? XD

SPIIIIIIDDDDEEEEEEEERRRSSS! *wiggles fingers* I wanted compoundeyes for his ability, and finally found one x3


... when he was a Trubbish... he was an absolute PAIN to catch XD he poisoned Zaphod three times, dodged hypnosis several times, and broke through 3 pokeballs o_o

... Smiling ice cream, CANNOT RESIST!

She was a pain to find, since I wanted the right gender and the right ability.

She occassionally pops up on the team from time to time. I got her off the GTS, and she's french :o

As for shiny's I haven't encountered any yet, but I've been trying to MM for a female shiny trubbish... no luck yet after 180 eggs XD

I dunno if this is allowed (if it isn't, please give me 24 hours to delete it off), but I've been drawing pokemon comics. Since I'm new to drawing pokemon, some things may come off awkward... But here's one Involving Mimi the Audino, Gretchen the Grimer, and Reggie the Beheeyem, and though it's be nice to share:


Also a want:

Does anybody have this guy?

I'm only looking for the Paras. he's been evading me >o I've found a set of these on ebay, and waited overnight but in the morning I saw that the seller ended bidding on the item cause they didn't have anymore in stock. So if anybody would like to part with their Paras, may I have him? I would pay highly for him!


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