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Photostory/Customs Post/I Made It Better!

So I thought it over, and I decided that I want to launch my plush customs this week! You can find my customs journal here:
Please please please be sure to read all of the terms and rules!
And my sales as usual:
Help me out there! I'm trying to save up to buy more Oshawotts and my FanimeCon ticket! :3

I also thought today, "Hey, I want to do a photostory." So I figured I would give you all a look into a pretty normal day from the perspective of my talking Zorua, Chase! :3
Then, I finally found some clothes to put my Oshawott and Snivy iron-on patches onto!

Since the photostory is long, here are the clothes that I think look so much better with the patches on them!

I put Oshawott on my favorite skirt! >_>; It's a bit wrinkled right now. I need to iron it again.
A close-up:

Then I had a green top to put my Snivy on:

I was going to wear it tomorrow to an amusement park's free-for-residents day, but it's going to rain even more tomorrow. ;_;

And now on to the Photostory! I tried to get as many pictures as I could, but the weather wasn't very cooperative today.
For those of you who don't know, Chase is my talking Zorua and he goes everywhere with me. :3
And of course, that includes school!

Chase: 7:30 AM, time to leave! Maa lets me wear this coat so I don't get soaked in the rain. She got it off of her Cinnamoroll doll.

Chase: Maa and I sit on a bench every morning underneath a tin roof thingy. It's really pouring out here! I'm glad I have this hood...

Chase: It's 8am now! It's time for geometry. Maa hates this class because she's really bad at it. I don't like it either, it's really boring. The teacher also turns the lights off for this class too. It makes me want to go to sleep.

So after 2 hours of math(And me failing miserably on a test.) it was time for brunch. Sadly, I was in the library the whole time and phones aren't allowed in there, so no pictures! D:

Chase: US History class was next! Maa and I like this class. It's really funny! We watch tons of movies here too. We learned about hippies today. I didn't get it. Maa and everyone else were laughing a lot though...

Chase: Next was lunch! Maa was too busy hugging her boyfriend for warmth to take any pictures.
My coat is nice and warm though, so I was fine!

Chase: Marine Biology is the last class for today. I like to watch the goldfish tank in the back of the room. We take lots and lots of notes in this class. We get to play a game like Monopoly next class day though!

Chase: 3:00 is the end of the school day! The sun came out, but it's still cold outside! It's a good thing I'm in this car!

Chase: Home at last...It was a long day. The sun is warm here so I'm going to take a nap...

Later in the day...

Chase: It's time to play with my little brothers! They look up to me, you know.
We all have matching names too. They're Chance, Chato, Chad, and my newest brother is Chaz.
I'm definitely the coolest though.

Chase: It's about 7:30 PM now. For the rest of the night, Maa and I watch TV and look at funny stuff on the internet. We go to bed at 11. But since it's Friday, we stay up late. Maa found some Pokemon movies to watch tonight!
Also, speaking of Friday...

Maa wanted me to mention that. It wasn't my idea!

Thanks everyone for looking through all this~ :3 I hope you enjoyed it! (Even though I'm not good at these things. XD) I'll see you all in my next update!
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