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Hand over my heart, gun to my head.

Supermassive GA: Team Halloween Umbreon!!

I am co-hosting this wonderful GA with hebilea . I will be posting the reminders and working the spreadsheet. hebilea  will be bidding and shipping. The lot will be shipped from poizenkat to hebilea. There will be two payments. The first payment will be your item(s) plus shipping to hebilea  and the second payment will be the shipping to you.
It is very important that you pay as soon as possible after we give you your totals. This will be an expensive GA and we can't afford to cover for you. On that note, no echecks because they take too long to process and we need to pay poizenkat  as soon as possible.

This GA will run for a week. It will end on Friday, April 1st at 10pm EST. You can see the countdown timer here.

Here is the information that we know about the items in this lot:
  • There are no double cards except the Palkia card, the Giratina card and the Rayquaza/Deoxys legend half.
  • Most of the figures are in mint condition, except some are dirty. Celebi is the dirtiest, but might be able to be cleaned.
  • There are two sets of Pokewalker Posters and Pokewalker stickers.
  • The Ho-Oh/Lugia folder is one folder, not two.
  • The HeartGold and SoulSilver boxes are the giant display cases from GameStop not the games and they are not mint. They do have some tears that aren't too noticeable when displayed.
  • Raikou, Suicune, Axew and Umbreon have tags.
I am claiming Jakks/Tomy? Luxray and Jakks/Tomy? Skymin at $8 but willing to go higher if necessary.
hebilea  is claiming Jakks Riolu, Charmander Stamp and Lucario kid with one arm raised at $7 and will go higher if necessary.

Bid in increments of $1
Sniping is NOT allowed. If there is a sniping event, that item will be extended by 5 minutes until 5 minutes goes by without a bid.

Now onto the pictures: (Please note, larger scale pictures can be viewed here).

Please wait until the thread you are bidding on is up.

OMG done finally. Happy bidding!
Tags: group auction

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