Amy N. (mellow_candy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amy N.

jirachi and friends - collection update

I've got quite some amazing additions to my plushes collection lately, so I'd like to share them :)

After getting DX Skymin I realise I love the DX Pokedoll line very much, but due to their rarity I prioritise my favourites. I also love large plushes as long as I have room to keep them.

My second Pokepark-exclusive Pokedoll - DX Jirachi!
The missing headgear tag doesn't bother me much because I think it gives Jirachi some personality. I just love the smile, so cute~!

I'm so excited to finally have a DX Buneary! It's bigger than I've expected (~15 inches including the open ear) and extremely cuddly! The rolled up ear detail is so precious because it looks like a flower viewed from the top.
I hope to own a DX Pachirisu that came out in the same year (2007) someday!

I feel bad for Palkia when nobody placed bids on its Y!J auction, so I placed the starting bid - and I won! He's in a superb condition and I actually think he's super adorable despite his grumpiness.

Size comparison pictures. Galvantula kid as a size reference.
Palkia seems small next to Buneary. ^^;

I got Fuzzy Raichu from a trade with rocket_chick. Best Raichu plush in existence, no kidding. Such a cheerful plush!

Samurott's upper whiskers refuse to stay upright. ;_; Apart from that the details are out of this world!
Had to coil Serperior's tail to make him stand up without support and thanks to that, it looks much more smug than ever. I think it's a very unique, regal looking Pokedoll.
Thanks for the trade peka0!

Sinnoh Pokedoll face towel! The colours are more saturated if viewed in person.
Love Bidoof and Skymin pokedoll artwork so much. I'm thinking of getting Bidoof Pokedoll next!

I'll leave you with some of my regular Pokedolls.
They have something in common ;)

I'll have the last few packages to the PO by next Tuesday the latest. I apologise for the delay because of lack of transportation to the PO.

Tags: buneary, collection, jirachi, palkia, pokedolls, raichu

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