Toz (happyjolteon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Huge Amada Sticker Sales!

Hey guys! I bought a lot of over 2000 Amada stickers on YJ, and after a lot of sorting, scanning, and editing, my sales post of them is finally ready to go!

A few things to note before we go to the post:

1) Because there are so many pictures, I am collecting comments HERE instead of on the journal page. Personally I would open the sales page in a new tab, then just go back to this one post and comment with your order.
2) When you make a request, please include the number shown in the photo for that sticker so it's clear which one(s) you want! ("One of each X" requests are also ok, but there may be more of them in the photo than you see at first glance!)
3) All thumbnails are clickable for much bigger versions. The idea is that you can scan the thumbnails (or just Control-F) to find stickers you might be interested in, then click the image to get a closer look.

There are a few more policies on the page itself, but these are the big ones.

Read those? Great! Now on to the stickers!

And as I mentioned, please place any orders (or ask any questions) here on this page.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: sales

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