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Small collection update (with customs) and wishlist

Hello everyone! This is just a small update to show some recent customs that made their way into my Raichu collection, and also a small wants list. I was gunna wait to post this cuz I'm expecting an epic custom in the mail as we speak, but my wants list is kind of important to me right now, so I posted anyway. :P

We'll start off with this cutie...

This ploosh was made by kateluff as part of a trade. :3 He has a small pouch in his bottom that holds a rice bag (that you heat up in the microwave) so when you cuddle with him, he's nice and warm. He's my new sleepy time cuddle plush and I love him. So cuddly and soft!! Thank you for the trade!! <3

The next plush I actually made myself. :/ I know I still have two Vulpix amigurumis to complete for people, but I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive in the mail (the store was out of the color I needed >:|) So in the meantime, I decided to try out my sewing machine! I got it for Xmas last year and just barely learned how to use it. X_X So here is the result....


Here he is with my DSi to give you guys an idea of how huge he is. I followed the Raichu plush tutorial on DA, which can be found HERE in case any of you guys wanna try making one of your own. :3

He does have some flaws, and he DEFINITELY didn't turn out like the one in the tutorial, but for my first real plush (NON-amigurumi) I don't think I did too terrible. XD And I can only get better from here. ;^^

As for my wants, I NEED this cutie in my life...

**EDIT** Got this cutie on its way to me!! :D

Well I had a kitty cat for most of my childhood, and even though she was incredibly mean, I loved my kitty cat more than anything. My family wanted to put her down because she was so mean, but they didn't because of me. <3

A while back, my family decided to put her down and not tell me about it until after the fact. I know my kitty was old and getting sick, and I know she's in a better place now, but the fact that I didn't get to say goodbye has left a hole in my heart. To compensate, I've made a shrine for my kitty next to my computer. A Poke-shrine. With Poke-kitties. :3

(ignore my reflection in the picture.... *glare*.... I also have most of the espeon plushies too, they are just in my pet net by my bed due to lack of space near my computer)

I obviously chose Espeon as my Poke of choice to represent my kitty cat (along with a few random other Poke-kitties, which is why Delcatty is in there). But when Gen V came out and I saw Choroneko (I know her name is Purrloin, but she will always be Choroneko to me), I just fell in love. O_O It was PERFECT!

Let's compare.....


My kitty....

SEE?! Tell me that isn't Choroneko IRL?! The look, the purrrsonality (haha see wut I did thar?), everything matched up. So I want to add Choroneko to my kitty shrine!

I know there are several of these plushies on Ebay, but I try to avoid buying plushies (or much of anything Pokemon related for that matter) off of ebay like the plague. I just don't trust the sellers, the pictures, etc etc.


Unfortunately, I only have $27 to spend on this one. :( Shipped. I don't know how much the plushies usually cost, but judging from Ebay, I know that probably isn't enough. I'd also add anything from my sales post as a partial trade. I just really need this kitty in my life.

IF I unfortunately cannot get this darling, I'd also be interested in this one:

Choroneko Kid. Preferrably minty mint (don't care if it's in the box, but candy would be a plus :3). Also, the Pokemon tin with Choroneko on the side would be great too. <3 Just let me know how much you'd like.

But anyway, if any of you have ANY of these kitty things for sale, please let me know. I would <3 you forever.

And finally, if you recently purchased something from my shop, have received your package, and would like some feedback, please post here and let me know. My LJ messages have been kinda wonky lately. :P If you haven't received your package yet, also let me know and I'll give you your tracking/customs # so you can check on it.

Thanks guys! :)
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