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Ash Ketchup

Pokemon B&W TCG

So me and my boyfriend were shopping around yesterday. I was sick and he bought me this!

I haven't seen any posts on these yet. They 14.99 at both Target and Meijer. I haven't collected tcg since about 4th grade so opening the packs made me feel like a kid again! There were a box for each of the b&w starters, a respective tcg figure, a preview pack of 5 b&w cards, two call of legends boosters, a supreme victors booster, and triumphant booster.

Sorry if the pictures are huge, I was too lazy to resize them.
So  this is what I got in the box!

Of course, I had to dig for the figure first. He's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

These are pictures on the back of the tin. I totally need to get Tepig next. He looks like he's sneezing.

Now to the cards! I'm not sure if the cards are the same in every preview pack. I assume they are. I love the art on them though. So different from the last time I collected!

And a few questions (since I haven't collected cards in years), did I do good for four packs and are any of these worth anything? D:
Leafon Holo
Ursaring Reverse Holo
Tangela Reverse Holo

Supreme Victors:
Blaziken Reverse Holo
Electivire Holo

Marowak Reverse Holo

Thanks everyone and sorry again for the huge pictures! I completely recommend getting the tcg figures. They're sooo tiny and adorable!

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