Jesse Roberts (jess111303) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jesse Roberts

Project Pokedex, Get, and Sales update and lowered prices

Alright, So here's my newest get :D I was super excited to find this guy in my mailbox. Long story short, I thought he was lost in the mail. He got shipped out on Feb 16th and just got here. So it was a nice surprise.

Now onto Project Pokedex. First off, what is Project Pokedex you may be wondering? I want to get EVERY pokemon in zukan form. So far I have 27/649. I got a long way to go. I also hope they'll be making onix and steelix zukan eventually XD

If you have any zukan to sell (preferably in bulk) I might consider buying them. I don't want to buy too many as of yet due to lack of money at the moment. But anyway, I'll consider any offers of zukan I don't already have.

Here is my current collection of zukan.


You can see the budew line and buneary line are missing there bases and pegs. If you have the bases and pegs for those that you are willing to part with, I'd be FOREVER grateful to you.

Now for my shameless sales plug. Some prices have been dropped and some new items have been added to my shop.

Click on the image of the psycho azelf to go to the sales.
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