Hand over my heart, gun to my head. (darkfaeprincess) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hand over my heart, gun to my head.

Gigantic GA: Arceus style

hebilea  and I bring you another massive GA. This time the lot will be coming from korth. Please keep in mind that Korth has every right to refuse the offer for the final GA price, so the more money we earn, the better our chances of actually winning are. Korth has agreed to let us GA this in an attempt to win the lot.

This GA has a ton of items and is heavy on Arceus stuff, hence the title of the GA. :)

As long as the end time is okay with korth this GA will end on April 2nd, at 10PM EST. The time and date is subject to change if Korth would like it to be sooner. The countdown timer can be found here.

hebilea  will be handling the money and doing the shipping. I will be doing posts, threads and spreadsheets.

Details inside the cut...Collapse )

Please wait until the thread for whatever you want to bid on is up. There is a LOT of stuff to list, so be patient please. :)

All threads are up! Happy bidding.

Also, a friendly reminder that we have the Supermassive GA: Team Halloween Umbreon going on and shipping can be combined if you win something from both. :)
Tags: group auction
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