K.J. (shivra) wrote in pkmncollectors,

PokeArt Customs

I figured since I like drawing/crafting pokemon and yall like crafts and drawings of pokemon, I'd see if ya'll were interested in customs from me!

These are custom 5x5 pokemon drawings! These are much more vibrant IRL, but I can't seem to get my scanner  setting correctly :C

 Blitzle's mane is cut out from the card, so it pops out!

Hng Snivy, i love how his eye turned out

AW Archen.He's a fossil, so he's got an underground background!

These are $7 Including shipping in a carded envelope.

I can do ANY pokemon you like, just ask!

Customs are $10 shipped
Four slots for custom art for now!
1.spideyroxas cyndaquil sketched
2.jadekitty777 shiny rayquaza sketched
3.Punkspacewafers - emonga and oshawott sketched
Waitinng list-
Nightmare_chan2- zebstrika and chandelure
Captain - batty trio

I accept paypal (and possibly a neat trade) and it's pay AFTER I complete your piece! 

I'm also working on a Zorua doll... :3

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