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A collection on a collectors community? GASP!

EDIT: I fixed the link. For future ref, only ONE person needs to tell me that the link doesn't work.

You think you know Togekiss? I know Togekiss. Togekiss won't appear where there's strife, so their sightings are rare. They tend to stay away from drama as well. This is why they're the mascot of pokepraise. If you do have one, it will loyally come to your aid. They're big and fluffy birds that evolve from a baby chick and from that an egg. It's name is the same in Japanese and English. There are three notable trainers with a Togekiss. Cynthia has/had one when she's in Sinnoh. Dahlia of the Battle Frontier has one as well. In fact, Dahlia's kiss is in my icon from the manga. Also, Dawn from the anime has a Togekiss, though only for a short time. Ever need a hug when you're sad? Togekiss. Ever need a fluffy pillow? Togekiss. Know what the best Pokemon is? Actually, that one's a tie between Togekiss and Larvesta line for me. And Weavile. And Pichu...etc.

I have a Togekiss myself. Her name's Misty <3 she's from Leafgreen where I hatched an egg an old lady gave me. I was obsessed with raising my Togetic and Dragonite at the time and so I ended up EV training it without knowing that that is what I was doing XD it helped me in Diamond, where I evolved it, and then in Soulsilver. Misty is now on my White version and is very happy. She's been through so much with me and been there over the years. I've had her for...gosh...almost 7 years now. I get nostalgic thinking of it. My Togekiss in game is mainly there to troll and annoy. Outside of battle, she's sweet despite being very spoiled.

I love the big white plane so much that I've amassed a collection of it. A collection in which I'm only missing two things (and some random pan. Maybe a sticker here or there). If you see these two things, NEED!

1) Battrio 2: http://www.serebii.net/battrio/greatgatheringoflegendaryandmiragepokemonexplosivedoublemoveschapter/22.png

2) DPPt 3 retsuden:

If anyone has/sees either of those two items, I will be willing to trade/make/pay something for them! They are the only two things I need that aren't flats.

Anyways, enough rambling on about needs and information, lets get to the purpose of this post; the nitty gritty. That is, my collection! I own all figure, plush, and DVDs thus far.

( Fake cut to Togekiss Eden )
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