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multi purpose post+ first collection post

so, time for my first real post to this community.
yes, and here it comes (:
ok, so i am a real newbie on this com. but i'm working hard to improve my collection.
to start, this is my collection i collected when i was young:

my collection! (:
not so big YET,

first of, my books.
most are card binders and stickerbooks(from merlin) 2 podexes and a book for metal coins

 open them up, and you get a lot extra inside (:
i practicly kept one of each booster i opened up.
besides that, there are ads(paper) and metal coins.

pokemon cards!
uhm, a lot. thats it (:

very small pokemon plushies collection.

figures and tcg coins

marble shooter and stuff

needs more manga ):
i gonna buy it this week or so.

whats this figure?


second, can anyone identifie a figure? last 2 pictures under the cut.
thanks (:

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