Amanda (nefhithiel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Real Collection Post!- Also Sales Post

Finally I am home on Spring Break so I can show pictures of my collection! :D

Also, I have a Sales/Trades Post if anyone is interested. :3

Also my TCG Collection got its own post. :D

Also I has a Wishlist. n_n

Pikachu Blanket and plushies. :3 Darkrai, Munchlax and Christmas Pikachu are UFO Catchers. n_n

Close-up of the plushies. ^^

Pokemon Comics and Origami book

TOYS! :D I made the paper Munchlax myself. n_n That's a Pikachu gold card from Burger King.

L-R- Pikachu bubbles, Jigglypuff candy topper, Pikachu candy topper, Pika keychain, bootleg pika, Pika change purse, light up pikachu keychain (works!), light up mew keychain (doesn't work :( ), tiny pikachu keychain, DX Darkrai Kid, Darkrai model, Vileplume coin, Dialga coin, pikachu magnet, pikachu ball, pikachu candy toy, a bunch of tomy figures. Everything is old-school except the Darkrai stuff. XD

SOOO many pokemons. @_@

Pokemon CDs, games and accessories. :) I made the Munchlax Zune Case myself. :) My Pokedex still works!!

Pokemon DS case and Pikachu Gameboy Case :D

Well that's all I felt like taking pictures of. @_@

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