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DVD 2009 Rental GA

My first GA!

What you will be bidding on are DVD rentals that were never released in stores. They contain episodes that were released in 2009 and were only available to rent at select video stores. Each box contains 3 episodes each. These are very hard to come by and are usually sold in expensive lots such as this one. Here is your chance to bid for them! :D

*These picture are what are part of the cover and back. Video 1 is not displayed because the auction picture omits it, and I am not taking any chances by adding something that may not even be there.*

I will be claiming video 9 for $40 and willing to go higher. All bids will start at $10.

**Before bidding**
-Take note that these videos are region 2 and play in NTSC format. They will not work on any other region DVD player and will not work on a PAL television without the use of modified, region free, or imported equipment. They do, however, make great collector's items because of their elusiveness and unique cover art!

-When you want to place a bid on something that was already placed, be sure to leave a comment to the person who made the last bid. Otherwise, your bid will not count.

-No sniping! Auction will be extended another 10 minutes if sniping takes place.

-Remember, only bid what you intend to pay! You are expected to pay immediately when payment is due. This is going to be a very expensive auction, so please be reliable with payment, or negative feedback will be left.

-Do not delete bids! I know who bids and if anyone deletes or retracts their bid I will leave negative feedback.

-There will be two payments. One for the items/invoice and the other for shipping to your residence from my residence. I ship from Texas so keep this in mind. :D

-If we are fortunate, there will be discounts.

Auction will end on Tuesday March 29 at 11:30 PM CST. For what your time will be, check out this time zone converter (keep daylight savings time in mind!)

I really hope this GA will be a successful one!Please do not start bidding until Aleyina puts up all the threads. XD Thank you!


The auction is now over! I will be tallying up the totals and making the bid tonight. Lets hope we win!
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