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Target gets, a very angry Snivy, DS quest

Hi everyone! Some Target gets!

I went to Target today to pick up a Snivy TCG tin and to ask if they had anymore Art Portfolios. Luckily they have 2 portfolios left! I was surprised!

I bought a copy of Black for my fiance's birthday -since he got addicted to the game at the mall tour and he started my copy of Black over Spring Break, but I wanted to use my copy of Black for restarting (White is my permanent game). So I figured I'd just get another Black and give him his for his birthday. I was disappointed that I couldn't get the portfolio for free with the purchase, but I guess that was to be expected. I ended up just buying the portfolio, wasn't really sure if it was worth it. I guess I was also so implusive about it because my rat passed away this weekend and I was distraught..there's something about spending money on a Pokemon thing that brings a little joy back to my life...). But, really, I'm glad I bought it. It was definitely worth it. The paper used and the detail of the pictures was better than I imagined. (Didn't realize how much detail there was in the city picture especially!). I think I'll frame a few of them eventually. ^^

Now about that angry Snivy...

The Snivy figure that came with the TCG Tin...the real reason he's so angry is because the stand that he came with says "Tepig" instead of Snivy. Did this happen to anyone else? It's really irritating...does anyone have a Snivy stand they don't want/don't care about, or does anyone have an accidental Snivy stand that they'd be willing to trade (I think I'd need to get permission first, but I think that can be taken care of).

Oh, and back to my fiance's gift. I'm looking for an affordable DS lite or DSi to get him for his birthday. His birthday isn't until May though. Thing is, I find it ridiculous that the DS lite has been out for so many years already, but Gamestop charges $110 for a used one..that's only $20 cheaper than brand new. Anyone know where I can get a decent DS for my fiance for a good price? Or does anyone have one that they are willing to sell? I don't plan on buying it right away, since I still gotta save up some money, but I figure now is the best time to start looking! He's really anxious to play Black again and I kinda want to give it to him earlier than May 16.

One more thing! I'm looking for the Mall Tour Tepig and Oshawott Patches! (Not my picture, it's from google/pokejungle)

I'll leave you with my little Snivy collection update (tin not pictured here).

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