katcheecricket (katcheecricket) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales and Wants~

 So the day has finally arrived~! I've updated my sales having actually weeded down most of my Rayquaza collection. I've kept a few of my favorite items-- but I'm hoping to free up room so that I can start collecting my new love...

THIS GAI. As I'm playing through Pokemon Black all I can think is how awesome this guy is on my team >.>;  So what I'm currently hunting~ are customs! 

Plush customs would be great! 

I'd like to get some custom plush of this guy! Preferably made out of minky. If you could offer your skills I'd be more than willing to offer payment :3 Also charms, figures, anything else of this guy would be wicked!

So several of my Rayquaza plush, figures, flats, and much more are in this sales post here: 


Thanks guys! 
Tags: custom, figures, kids, plush, rayquaza, sales, wanted

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