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Biggest Dragons Got! (and some Pokemon Center items for offer)

Shipping Status
I am still about 2~3 weeks behind in shipping out items that are already paid for, and I apologize for the delay. >_<

If anyone need anything urgent, please let me know and I will process your items immediately.

Also, special/open orders that require more time to calculate shipping will be taken care of once I've shipped the items above.

Collection Update
The shipment that arrived last week completed my Zekrom and Reshiram 'large' plush collection (for now ^_^;;).

In each picture, starting from the left: Namco-Exclusive Banpresto Plush, 1Kuji Banpresto Plush, US Pokemon Center (Mall Tour) Plush.

I do have one extra of each Namco-Exclusive dragon, but I think they were already part of someone's open order (let me know who you are please!). ^_^;;

Also arrived are the Namco-exclusive "large" Zorua and Zoroark plushies (had to get Pikachu too because they were sold as a set).  Now I am only missing the two super rare Zorua raffle prizes. >_<

Pokemon Center Offers

Also arriving with the shipment are some Pokemon Center goodies.  Please click on the cut for more info.

Cubchoo, Whimsicott, Blitzle Pokedolls.  Each one is $24 shipped to US (+$1.50 to CAN, +$3 to EU/OZ).

I've got two of each for offer and please see below for pricing.

Pokemon Center "Shopping Bag"-design clear files.  Again, two of each and see below for pricing.

Theme Park clear file, the Final Evo clear file, and Zekrom (Reshiram on the back) clear file.    All clear file is $9 each shipped to US (+$1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).

Large Gen 5 tote bag, it's about 23" x 12" and retails for 4500JPY before shipping and everything. >_<
It's $95 shipped to US.

Shipping rules and paypal info can be found here.

Lastly, if I didn't reply to any PM or post, it's usually because I need time to research the answer.  But please do send me a reminder since I tend to forget when too much time has gone by. ^_^;;

- [info]pika_lex , your Pokemon tins are ready.
- Talkie Plush group buy is pending Tokyo to resume normal business operation...  also, bad news is shipping cost is going up due to fuel shortage.  I will provide new estimate pricing before confirming the GB list.

Any questions, please let me know. Thanks!  =)


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