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Eeveelution Stamps 4 Sale + Commission Info (Having A Sale!)


-I accept Paypal only
-I currently only ship to the US
-Shipping is not included in the price, please leave your zip code and I will get back to you with the cost.
-Insurance is available upon request, if you do not request insurance I am not to be held responsible for any missing or damaged packages.
-I have feedback here

1.5" stamps, non-backed (as you can see they stamp clearly due to the thickness of the carving pad), will finish cleaning up before sent out: $6 each
Sold: Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Umbreon

I am also going to be taking stamp carving commissions until next Sunday. I am having a deal where I will carve any Dreamworld Art pokemon stamp at 1.5" for $6 each + shipping. I will also do other stamps as long as the art is either a. official or b. you have permission to use it, but prices may vary. If you are interested, here are the extra rules:

1. I will only carve 1 stamp of each pokemon, so if someone already requested it, I will not make another. (Edit for clarification: This is towards the Dreamworld art sale. If you have a different pose in mind, feel free to leave a comment. I am still doing regular commissions, also at a discounted price, I just can't guarantee it will be $6)
2. You may order more than one stamp.
3. I have a maximum turnaround time of a month, however, I have made sure I have a clear schedule for this, and have the ability to do 3-4 stamps a day so they should be done much sooner. :)
4. I currently do not have a slot limit on this deal, but will close them if I feel there is too much of a workload/run out of supplies. I am taking on four more slots

Commission List:
1. juumou - Whimsicott, Monmen Done
2. strainconductor - Lanturn Shipped
3. deadfishie - Japanese R/G Vaporeon, West Sea Gastrodon
4. risha_moon - custom character, spiky eared dreamworld pichu
5. jadekitty777 - Flygon
6. darkangelilith - Poliwhirl, Galvantula
7. stalkerhobbit - Paper Vaporeon Shipped
8. waruihikari - Mew, Victini, Toothless
9. godudette - Pokedoll Marill Shipped
10. allinia - Charmander Done
11. akeyma - tbd quagsire


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