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A Collection Update and...Customs?

I found some more lovely stuffs to show everyone, and I received some, too~ I was also bored and started making some fun stuffs, all of which you can see under the cut Surf.

I always buy those little card binders whenever I find them! xD Here is also my currently-in-use Pikachu eraser, an a Budew from a past eraser.  I had a Chimchar but he seems to be hiding :x Likewise, the stylus that came with the DP starter case is also shying away right now, but once I get my stuff moved from my room, it should show itself xD And of course, Black Version is never too far away!~ xD

So, I found these figures lying around on some higher-up shelves and thought to myself, "So, my mom didn't think these were good enough to be given to children? >:x" But then I remembered that I specifically told her not to give these away xD The colors are a little odd on some of them, and on a few the paint is chipped, but they're nice overall, I think.  The adorable Clefairy and Illumise Mega Bloks are from cardwhale~

My new stuff shall be joining the rest of my collection~ Yay! :D

Now, onto these..."customs" x3 I thought it would be nice to make some bookmarks to lift the stress off of my other, graded art projects :>

Please let me know what you all think :D I was thinking of perhaps selling some when I got sales permission down the road.

Thanks for looking, everyone! :D

Tags: alakazam, budew, charizard, clefairy, dragonair, illumise, kadabra, marowak, musharna, pikachu, raichu, sandslash, umbreon, vulpix
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