Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Do you love starter pokemon plamo , Well I sure do

 Group buy time :'D

well you all know I have a serious case of pikachu love,and I absolutely love the pikachu's that come in the starter plamo sets. so I have a proposition for you :3

I'd like to claim all of the pikachus for 2.00 each
So your total would be about 7.00+ shipping :3
Two payment the initial cost and the shipping to you <3

Please don't claim what you can't pay I will leave negative feedback for backing out

These are the only ones I have found so no piplup :c he was there the other day.

Chikorita - breethezebra 
Cyndaquil - puyro 
Totodile -ottershark 
Turtwig -3kame 
Chimchar -
Tepig - poprock_grey 
Oshawott - dezchu 
Snivy -pokeranger9494 
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