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Looking for Eeveelution cards, trade anyone? :3 Also, grail search.

 So yay I got sales permission today! 3-28-11 by denkimouse

-English cards only please
-I am not buying at the moment, just trades and selling thanks! <3

Hi there peeps! So right now I am looking to finish my Eeveelution card collection, I have a list of the cards that I am looking for but if you do not know what pack your card is from please just go ahead and show me some pics. On my list there might be a few cards listed that I may have on the way in the mail, so I would love to see pics of your cards and know what the conditions are. Here is a link to my card wants (as well as some other wants) on my personal LJ:


Please note that I am only interested in English cards, I know I have a few cards that are  only in Japan right now but I wanted to put them on so when the English ones come out they are already on my wants list. ;P
Yeah there are some older cards on my wants list that are only in Japanese those are of course exceptions, English only for cards that have infact been printed in English of course XD

I am not buying at the moment I am only trading so here is what I have to offer, you can also find my RULES here so please make sure to read them please, thanks!<3:
^^There are links for the cards that I have available for trades in the above link :3^^

And lastly, GRAIL search/trade!
I am looking for the Kanto badges that look like these:

I am looking for any Kanto badges that you do not see in this picture. I would be willing to trade my extra Volcano badge for a badge I do not have yet, but thats is all I will trade the Volcano badge for. :3
*EDIT* Volcano badge is on hold at the moment, if nothing happens I will put it back up for trades so you can still make offers for other badges just in case nothing happens you would be next on the list for the trade. :3

I will be posting my collection update soon! :D Thanks for looking!

I am doing commissions now, just doodelz . . . oodelz of doodelz. :3 To check out some of my example sketches and more info, go here:


Tags: cards, eevee, espeon, flareon, jolteon, umbreon, vaporeon

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