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small sales

edit: just a reminder, I am SUPER SLOW with responding to people. I'm sorry!! also, I added some items accidentally left out!

Hello collectors! Just here with a few items to sell and a spinarak stamp for offers~

Sales permission granted by denkimouse  on 1/3/2011

Feedback thread: here

please read before buying!

    * I ship from the US
    * I accept Paypal, money orders, and concealed cash (AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!)
    * Domestic shipping starts at ~$1.50, international shipping starts at ~$2.50
    * I am willing to hold item for 24 hours but will pass it on to the next person afterward if payment is not received
    * Please don't back out of the transaction or I will be an angry squirrel
    * Please put your LJ username and all items you purchased in in the paypal note

* I try my very best to make it to the PO by the next day you've ordered.

spinarak stamp, offers start at $5

$5 per charm
elekid charm sold
spinarak and ariados set sold
hitmonlee and hitmonchan set - on hold for spideyroxas 

pikachu $2 (awaiting response from safir_hime ), diglett case fig $4 chikorita and pichu (sold) $2 each

 grovyle $2, kecleon $4 (on hold for pannsie ), poochyena $2, poliwrath $1, wynaut $2, steelix $3, marshtomp $1, ditto pikachu $2

dusclops zukan $7

swing keychains $3 each
remoraid - awaiting response from little_ledyba 

straps: driflblim, darkrai, palkia and dialga $2 everyone else $1
open-mouthed turtwig sold

sudowoodo sold, reshiram clipping $5 everything else $2 (except pikachu, $1 awaiting response from safir_hime )

jumbo elekid tomy $6 poliwrath ball $6

clear dustox $4 clear kecleon $6 (on hold for pannsie ) others $1
hitmonlee kid - on hold for spideyroxas 

metal figs $2 each

amada sticker/3d cards lot (has about 60) $5 sold

happiny, pichu $3 (pichu sold) chimchar $1 bug arceus $8 (awaiting response from safir_hime )

art foilios $12 each (one remaining)

$6 each

munna pokedoll pen $10 (awaiting response from midnitekitten17 )

update with my collection, I recently received one of my last major packages with a few new exciting items, so soon I'll be showing you guys how things are looking so far. I've been working faithfully on my collection website (which I'll be revealing the linkage to in my next update, yay!!) and am very excited about fixing it up. that's it for tonight!

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a great week!

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