garurumon6 (garurumon6) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ummm, hi! :)

Hi, I'm new here (actually, I'm kinda new to LJ in general). I checked this place out because a friend of mine said everyone here was super nice and that this was a great place to find cool pokemon things I might miss somewhere else. So I'm willing to check it out! :)

So, my name is Garurumon6, and I'm in love with video games obviously. I'm totally in love with Smeargle, Croagunk, Rotom (Specifically mowtom) and Raikou. Smeargle and Croagunk are nearly tied for favorite though. Anywho, I hope I meet lots of fun people here and get to see lots of cool pokemon merchandise. I'll be around. ^_^
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