keisuro (keisuro) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ebay leftovers sale + Quick collection update

I have a small handful of cards leftover from recent eBay auctions if anyone is searching for these cards.

This is the first time I've attempted to sell anything on here, but I've sold plenty on eBay. See my feedback here, I have 100% positives as a seller.

And here are the cards I'm trying to get rid of:

$5 - Walrein EX Power Keepers 99/108
$5 - Kingdra EX Dragon Frontiers 94/101
$5 - Gardevoir EX Dragon Frontiers 93/101
$5 - Crawdaunt EX Holon Phantoms 99/110
$1 - Rare Candy Holon Phantoms 90/110

All 5 cards are near-mint, straight from boosters and unplayed.

Payment by PayPal only.

Shipping to anywhere in the US for $1.50. International is $3.00.

If anyone is interested in all 5, I can ship them all together with no increase in postage.

Would consider trades if you have anything from my want list. Quick note, they are all Mew cards.

Also a quick update to my Mew collection. With the arrival of the "Nintedo" error version of Ancient Mew in my mailbox today (it's even PSA graded 9), my Ancient Mew sub-set is now complete!

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Meiji Ancient Mew (this is the original Ancient Mew, extremely rare)
2. American Ancient Mew
3. Japanese Ancient Mew with "Nintedo" error, glitter foil
4. Japanese Ancient Mew corrected version, sparkle foil

And the best part of this sub-set is that I got all 4 cards for only about $50. A steal in my opinion.
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