Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ga lost + ga reminder + very mini want

so this crazy ga... we lost :/

I'm really sorry guys. There was like 3 different users trying to bid against us in the last half hour, and it ended up going over my limit on SMJ. I was so desperate to win for us I went on Noppin (even though you can't redirect packages) since they have automatic deposits and I was still being outbid + I was running out of money to use for deposit. I tried my best guys! Sorry to disappoint you, it was an epic pile of toys :<

But on a better note, this other GA has a lot less competition and is going for much cheaper, so there's no way we can lose! It ends in about 1.5 days, so if you want an item you should get in and bid :)

click here or the pic to go!

And I have a really mini want. I am looking for fire pokemon pan stickers. I am not looking to spend much. I am kinda short on money right now, so I'm looking for super cheap ones if possible. If you have any, please comment and let me know!

Other than that, keep on being awesome fellow collectors <3

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