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A somewhat small collection update

I got some of the stuff I was expecting so I decided to to do a little update:

Overview: Zorua Jakks plush,eeveeloution button set, whimsitcott pokedoll and samurott tomy figure.

My first purcahse from etsy, a set of eeveeloution pins/buttons. The first set got lost in the mail so they made me another one...and also gave me a skitty one for free. c:

Now I have the full set of the oshowott line. <3

And then these came in the mail today!

An adorable set of deerling bootlegs, their slight off coloring is actually quite cute, they are nice even if they are not painted in some areas. They are  close to actual deerling stuff none the less, these where hard to get too. Took about six different bid-wars to finally get my own,I'm glad I didn't give up on them.

The deerlings came with a friend: this "crystal" type rainbow dash keychain, Not related to pokemon but they do seem popular with people now a days,rainbow dash is my favorite pony and I love clear stuff like this so I had to buy it. x3

There is quite a bit stuff I'm still waiting for that I'm worried may be lost but hopefully everything comes sometime.

I don't if you guys are interested but here is a link to my flickr account so you can see some close ups of my collections and such:

(Please ignore the two cuts, I don't really know how to fix it since I can't see that part of it in the editing entry part.)
Tags: collection, deerling, samurott, whimsicott, zorua

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