Fineapple Princess (mizuhokusanagi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fineapple Princess

Collection update!

Hiya!~ :D It's me again... I'm going to finish up the rest of my collection (since my computer was being SO slow last time and wouldn't upload anything..) and show everything new I've gotten! :D Here's a preview...

Ok, starting off with my Dvd's, games, and such!~
(excuse all the other anime stuff, and the TOMS flag)

Hey, Ms. Elisha, you left your cup in my room. :p It shall remain there until it is thrown away. I have gotten to a point to where I AM NO LONGER CLEANING UP ANY ONE'S CUPS! Nahh, jk. :p I was just too lazy to throw it away before I took pictures. xD

Here's some of my games. :D My overall favorite is Gold.<3

Book with some cards and such. :3

Olddd Jakks plush.. I hate these things. xD

This is just a plain box that someone at a card league drew on for me. :) It has all my favorites on it (well, up until Gen. 4, that is).

DVDs, games, and my VHS. :D

Art folio!<3

Cards! I'm obviously not a card collector, but I do love the oversized ones and the Absol prime.<3

Finally, we're moving to a new section!

PokeCenter shoppers on my wall!~ :D

Heartgold display box. Anyone have SoulSilver or the Black and white ones for sale?

Latias tomys (I have 2) and a Charizard tomy! 

Jirachi Jakks I got with Elisha1288.(:

I have the Reshiram shirt. Shirt is being washed though, so here's the tag!

Oshawott stylus.

Phone charm and green screen card. I actually had a choice of what I wanted on the prize wheel, since my 2 friends in front of me also had it land on phone charm. I should've gotten the patches!

Stamp book thing..

One of the little hand out papers found at gamestop while they were giving the shiny beasts away. :3

Un-opened preview pack.

Grimer tomy.<3 So cute!

Bellossom friends plush! SO cute. I love her.<3

Skymin keychain.<3

Styluses from the legendary kit!

Adorable Bellossom picture that came with my friends plush! I think it's super duper cute!

Ok, we are finally moving on from there! time for my favorites!<3

Reshiram DX tomy.

Zekrom DX tomy.

DX dragon plush.


Japanese Minun pokedoll! It feels fresh from the PokeCenter. :D

Plusle Pokedoll! It's sooo loved! 



Jigglypuff! I love this thing. Like seriously. It's so cute.

Grimer! I love him! :D

2007 US release Vaporeon! My favorite thing I have in the collection.<3 Got it from my best friend for freeeeee on Valentines day.(:

PokeCenter Mudkip laying down plush! :D I loves it! I liek mudkips. :3

PokeCenter Large Lucario. <3 First thing I bought off the community! :D

Canvas Eevee! :D





Pins! I have 2 more on my purse. :3

Promo posters! Getting some more in a week or 2. :3

Pikachu strap.<3 I always have this on my purse.<3

Sooo, that's it! It's small... I've only been collecting since February. I'm also waiting on an Umbreon, Flareon, and Shix pokedolls. :) And some other stuff...

Anyways! Does anyone have a Jigglypuff pokedoll for sale? I have 2 friends that really want them now. lol. One of them will give me an Espeon pokedoll for it, and they would want them in good condition. :) If you have one please contact me!

One last thing- post a picture of your favorite item in your collection! :D It will interesting to see all of your favorites! Thanks for looking and helping my collection grow! <3


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