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Ok the zukan are arranged, packed and ready to go, I just need addresses and payments for postage.

efia - Pidgey & scizor
andyboyh - Clefairy set
eggsterminatus - Hitmontop set
Hoppip set
shiny_vulpix - Scyther set
battyvitae - Gilgar
featherclaw - Dunsparce
kasaiface - Houndour set

So the postage charges are as follows;

Europe - $3
United States and rest of the world - $5

There is also a paypal fee of $1 which I have included in the price of the shipping.

Anyone who wants to order anything from my shop, postage shouldn't be any more for 1-3 items, and they can be added into the packets.

I am also selling this little electrike, that's shown in this photo (not the pokedex figure). I'm sure there were people who wanted it. Asking $4 :3 Paypal is kisuneko[at]googlemail.com!
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