Ari (noxxbunny) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Auctions/Sales Reminder!

So something popped up that I must have in my life, but I know the second someone else finds it, I'm probably going to have to bidwar over it. XD; So...I'm going to host some quick auctions so I'll at least have a chance!
Up for Auction today are: Talking Jakks Pikachu and Talking Jakks Buneary!
Up for Direct Sale Today: Two Banpresto Snivy Plushies!
And here are my normal sales as usual! I am totally open to haggling if the price will cover shipping and if I'll make a dollar or two out of it.

*So first up, I can't ship these internationally! Sorry! D:
*Secondly, these auctions will end April 2nd at 11:59 PST!
*No sniping!
*Paypal only! NO ECHECKS, sorry!
*I will need payment ASAP after you win! If you won't be able to pay after winning, don't bid!
*If you don't pay, you get a negative feedback!
*I will hold my direct sale items for 48 hours! After that, they go back up for sale!

That's pretty much it!

Both of these work perfectly! Neither have a tush tag.
Auction for both of these starts at $15.
Tags: buneary, pikachu, sales, snivy

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