yay_affluenza (yay_affluenza) wrote in pkmncollectors,

seeking further info on old toys

I am in the process of clutter-clearing for a move, and recently uncovered a few old Pokemon toys I obtained between 1998-2001. Most were gifts, so I honestly don't know much about them. Would anyone here be so kind as to tell me a little bit about these, or direct me to other Pokemon collectors' sites where I could research them? Googling hasn't produced much information. If you're a hardcore Poke-lector who can tell me more about these, I'd greatly appreciate it.

* Pikachu "Pocket Monster Du Le Fleur" toy, Japanese import; 3-pc. toy set in 3.5" plastic Pokeball with all components new in bubble-wrap and paper insert. This appears to come with a small disc full of seeds or potpourri!

* Flocked Wigglytuff figure in 3.5" plastic Pokeball, Japanese import, no packaging/insert.

* Pokemon origami book vol. 3, Gold and Silver, US edition - this is supposedly selling on Amazon for $117 and up, which seems... absolutely insane. Is it really worth that??? I also have a Japanese edition of vol. 6(?), ISBN: 4097342363.

I dug up other Pokemon items, but these are the only ones I've had time to photograph - I may post again re: those in a couple days. My sincere apologies if these kinds of posts are not allowed.
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