Kimbotron (techno4tomcats) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Time for some more Weeding!

As seasons change, so do our love of Pokemon. I decided I don't wish to collect Arcanine any more and rather focus on Gen V dragons and any of the Musketdeer trio that come out.

Sad for me, but it does mean I have some rare Arcanine stuff for grabs including the Zukan and plush! I also have a Manectric Zukan for offers.

First things first!
A few things you need to know:
-Paypal ONLY.
-All prices are in USD.
-Straight sale items include postage internationally. Offer items do NOT.
-I ship from Australia. I do my best to keep shipping costs down, but please be aware that items can take 1-2 weeks to arrive. If you want tracking or insurance that will cost extra.
-I recently had surgery so while I endeavour to ship ASAP there may be a 2-3 day delay.
-I'm not really interested in trades right now!
-Due to some items potentially having a high value, I may consider payment plans. Please ask!
-I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone who has negative feedback.
-My collection is housed in a pet free environment. All items will be inspected for dust/hair before being packed.
-Offers will end on the 1/4/2011 at 12:00 Sydney Eastern Standard Time or if an offer has been made I am happy with.

Items for Offer!

Banpresto UFO Arcanine Plush.
This guy is such a cutie! He's hard to find these days. This one is mint with tags.

OFFERS START AT $45. Shipping is estimated at $9.00 for this plush. PAID

Arcanine Zukan line.
From one of the hardest to find Zukan sets. Zukan has only been in display. There are -minor- paint rubs on the tail. You are offering on BOTH pieces.

OFFERS START AT $50. Shipping is estimated at $5.00 for this item.

Manectric Zukan line.
Another hard to find Zukan line. Item has only been in display, paint job is excellent. You are offering on BOTH pieces.

OFFERS START AT $25. Shipping is estimated at $5.00 for this item.

I have these two figures up for straight sale:

'First press' Arcanine TOMY. $15.00 Shipped anywhere outside Australia.

Limited run 2009 Banpresto 'Fire series' Arcanine. Hard to come by. $25.00 shipped anywhere outside Australia. SOLD

Thanks for looking!

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