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Weeding a small lot

Good night, everyone. After a not short deliberation, *yeah you found it funny right*, I decide to give up this lot at a bargain price - $30 shipped to anywhere in the U.S. You heard it right. It's just $30. Everything included will be approx. $1 each. My explanation is very simple, they have been just living in a Pokecen shopping bag for a long time and never even saw the sunlight. I hope someone would find a couple interesting to them, and you can resell them at whatever price you like. If you would like to host a GA, it will also be OK but I'd hold it for some potential buyer for one day and the reason is obvious- it's not a hell high price!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2011. My sales rules, payment info and other instructions can be found HERE.

Lot status: ON HOLD FOR bluehyaku 

Left pic (from left to right, top to bottom) If not noted the species, it's a tomy MC figure
- Pearly Mewtwo
- Darkrai
- Pearly Darkrai
- Palkia, battle pose
- Clear Cresselia chou get
- Nidoking, old version
- Dialga
- Pearly Palkia
- Croagunk
- Blaziken kid
- Zapdos, old version
- Clear Giratina chou get
- Pearly Jirachi
- Pearly Celebi
- Groudon, base missed
- Pearly Pikachu

Right pic
- Zoroark Movie pencil
- Zoroark tomy pose figure, MIP
- Clear Palkia
- Charizard gold mini model- Venusaur gold mini model

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