kef_meister (kef_meister) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A New Member or "Just call me Kef. I'm a Bulbafreak."

Hello pkmncollectors Community!

My full name's Kevin, but I prefer "Kef" above anything else. Thank you in advance!
Can't accurately really tell where my username comes from - I just came up with it and it stuck with me ever since.

I'm a 26 year old male from The Netherlands, Europe. My love for PokéMon initially started by watching the anime a lot of years ago, shortly after I bought Pokémon Red for the GameBoy. I got hooked on Pokémon (still am!), especially Bulbasaur. I believe there's a reason he's #001, and that's because he's the best. :D

I'm in a long-distance relationship with kattotang, who is also a member of the community. She is also responsible for me joining the community!

See, she pointed this community to me out before, but I didn't pay too much attention to it. Then on my birthday this year (Jan. 18) she surprised me with a whole box full of Bulbasaur stuff she bought from you people!
(she also bought Ivysaur/Venusaur stuff and an assortment of merch of other Pokés I like, but Bulbasaur stays the best.)

So when I came home, I unpacked my 'Saurs and others and put them with the Pokémon stuff I already had. Not long after, kattotang convinced me to join the community to show off my collection.
(and to stop confusing people: Sometimes she's asked to buy things, which I would then pay for through my Paypal instead. Imagine the confusion! Sorry if this happened to you!)

As for collecting, I'm incredibly picky in my collection, even when it concerns my favourite Pokémon - but if I find something I deem "must have" I'm willing to go far!

Now without further dawdling, my collection!

#001 to #003 - the best Pokémon ever. My favourite piece is the Bulbasaur chess-piece!
Along with these are:
- Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal
- Pokémon Stadium/Stadium 2/Snap (Snap had Dittosaur! <3)
- There would also be a delicious amount of flats, but I have no way to display them proper.

This is my Turtwig collection. I believe his head to be shaped like a pear.
While cute as a button, ol' Pear-Head still isn't as cute as Bulbasaur. :)

This is my "Random" collection. I haven't checked their tags before I set them up, so I can't go into detail - but I want to point out some pieces of interest anyway:

1) Mew: I got this about 10 or more years ago. If you squeeze its hands, its eyes and tail move and it makes Mew noises from the first movie!

2) The binder labeled "Pokémon Flippo": A long time ago, a store in The Netherlands gave out Pokémon related pogs. If you hold them at a certain angle, the Pokémon on them either 'evolves' or moves! There's 23 in there.

3) Spot The Bootlegs: On the right side, the Charmander, Squirtle and Clefairy (also the small Charmander/Charmeleon/Squirtle/Wartortle figures near them are bootlegs. The plushes are labeled to be from TOMY and I have no idea how legitimate they are.)

The bootleg Charmeleon, close-up. I wanted to show you guys this because I haven't ever seen a Charmeleon posed like this before. I think it's awesome.

The (bootleg?) TOMY Squirtle plush. I shall call him...Squirderp. It's the herp-derpiest Squirtle that ever derped.

Glad to be here!
As per rules - I've kept the pictures very small on purpose. For bigger versions, just click them! If there's any liberty in how big images can be, I'd love to know.
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