larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

another mega huge kids sales

hi everyone!

i present to you this week's kids-centric sales! highlights this week include several new boxed kids. there are more eeveelutions that you can shake a marill's tail at (note that the attack glaceon is NOT the same as the one released last year, this one has a different smile and its hair falls on its hand), plus other favourites in the form of nidoking, houndoom, tyranitar, growlithe, absol, and ampharos. of course, there are also tons of kids (several of which are mint!) plus clearfiles, chous and charms (legendary dogs and pikachus ahoy!) from my regular sales.

(the pitter-patter of marill's tail left a watery trail)

just so this ain't purely a sales post, here's something exotic I found recently. ;)

thanks for reading!
Tags: absol, ampharos, breloom, espeon, gengar, glaceon, growlithe, gyarados, leafeon, luxio, luxray, manectric, mew, milotic, nidoking, ponyta, rayquaza, rotom, scizor, scyther, shinx, tyranitar, umbreon, vaporeon
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